The Social Thinker Who Makes All Happy

There are two types of thinkers that are quite similar, and those are connection thinkers and social thinkers. However, there are some differences in the way that they think and reason. To begin with, social thinkers are verdownload (24)y concerned with being human and creating connections that reach a person at the most human aspect of themselves.

This type of thinker would be overwhelmed when they are presented with ideas that are large and complex, and you are unlikely to get their attention in this way. The social thinker needs practicality, and will better manage their thinking if dealing with examples that are based on real life experiences and actual examples.

The social thinker is also interested in learning about what is happening with other people who are similar to them, as well as people that they look up to. These are the sort of people who can look at a situation, and communicate it clearly by highlighting the key and most important points. This makes it easier for social thinkers to work within a team, as every member in the team will be able to understand their value.

The social thinker is not wondering about his bottom line and the numbers that are associated with it. They are more interested in evaluating what is actually working. If you find that the description of a social thinker is suited to you, you can be sure that there are other thinkers you may find challenging to interact with. Analytical thinkers for example, who are totally fact oriented may be difficult to work with.

To appeal to a social thinker, you need to make use of visual representation as much as possible, as this is the way that a social thinker can assimilate information. If you have mathematical data for example, then it should be presented in a graph or table and you will find it easier to understand.