Bringing People Together with Connection Thinking

Thousands of items connect together during the day so that they are able to work together. In fact, connections are so common place that we quite often take them for granted. When you want to charge a device, you will connect it to an electrical outlet. Or if you want to hold two pieces of paper together, you connect then with scotch tape or a staple pin. When you want to keep133034h4vtqx7t9qq7nwt0 your feet safe, you ensure that you connect with the ground using a pair of shoes.

With connection thinking, the focus is on relationships, and in particular, a thinker who wants to build relationships. These are the types of thinkers that you will often find in situations where negotiations are necessary, as they are able to compassionately connect with the people around them. It can be said that connection thinking is all about the following: –

  • Finding a way to make a relationship stronger by communicating well.
  • Considering the ways that you can build other people through your thinking.
  • Seeing the potential in all that others have to say.

Connection thinking is more than just having thoughts that are from an individual. Connection thinking also includes being able to connect with another person at the deepest possible level. When interacting with those who practice connection thinking, you will find that you can communicate more freely and easily, because you have the experience of really being heard.

Connection thinking can also be referred to as those who think socially, as the basis of it is people and working from a point of intuition. Decisions are often based on past and personal experiences as well as the ability of the thinker to engage with others. To get the most out of connection thinking, you must focus on eye contact with the thinker.